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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2005|03:25 pm]
[mood |determineddefiant]
[music |Gadgetzan Buskers]

After the private scribbles of last eve (on a piece of tree bark, left somewhere in the forest) I have come to my senses, at least a bit.

I must remember again the lessons of the Forest: Love well and hard. Fight to protect your loved ones. Be joyous and live fully, embracing each moment to the deepest reaches of your soul.

Sacrifce. Must love be thus? While a mother may die to protect her cubs, all beasts pursue what they desire, yes?

Then why do I become so entangled in thought? What should it matter if another is ashamed of me? Seeks to hide me? I must only love, and love freely.

No. I am tired of being a thing of shame! I no longer want to be the poor orphaned Elfling that must depend on the kindness of others! I am Proud! Strong and Free! I am Danaea!

Embrace me fully, or not at all!
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Beat strong, my heart [Mar. 27th, 2005|03:02 pm]
Why did I but put the foolish words to parchment that I have no sorrows? Did I beg them from Elune herself by speaking it so plainly?

All is not lost. All is not lost. I am free... I have my heart and I will love who I love. Is love greed that seeks to imprison another? Is love a hand of coins that must be spent slowly else be gone? Is love a tree for a dog to piss on, marking it for his own?

Nay, love is none of those things, though some would seem to wish it. Love is what fills my heart, my paws on the ground as I run, my very spirit. The more I pour into those I love the more it grows within.

So love I must. An those I love speak not to me ere again I must love. An those I love hurt and turn away from me I must love. An those I love toy with my heart and use me for a laugh....

Even then. Even then must I love, and love hard and deep as I can.

For an I do not, I am less than nothing.
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Neglected Friend [Mar. 24th, 2005|03:20 pm]
Would that I turned to you and shared my thoughts more often, dear one. For you listen forever with your kind heart, always waiting my sorrows to be written upon it...

And sorrows? Have I? none so much as all that. For in the war torn world of uprights petty hatreds and joy of destruction, have I not made a place for myself in friendship and in love?

And in love..oh well does my heart sing these nights. Too well. For it seems my Druid Masters (how I loathe that word) grow again impatient with me. They say I am nigh the slowest Druid they have ever set their trainings on. Will they throw me out? Not for that alone mayhap. There are others who are slow to train...

Yet also they tell me that I am too like the beasts, that I revel too much in the joys of the forest and think too little of its wisdom. Their heads are in the dreamworld! They sit high in the branches of sweet Teldrassil and see nary a squirrel! They forget the wisdom of the forest--and is not love the strongest wisdom she holds?

Fie upon them. I am old enough to do as I like. Yet...

Other questions grow in my mind and in my heart. Most, most deeply in my heart. As I roam ever further upon the lands, I see things.... things that bear no reason. I see things that go not well with what I have been taught.

There are two only I trust in this matter. I seek time to speak with them and... learn. Perhaps to understand.

May the answers I seek not tear me from the very tribe I hold dear....
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2005|03:09 pm]
I have not written here at all of late. Too many winds blow through my heart.... and must not take her secrets with them as they pass.

Too, I reached in my pack but an eve ago and found the parchment...jumbled. A hungry bear or squirrel sought a bit of food within, most like. Still, I must be more careful. I have found myself rising in an inn on more than one evening, mayhap it was one hungry for information instead.

I will write that my heart grieves still in one respect, even while it sings in another. Perchance I will only jot down a song I made up (to a very old tune) while lost in Stormwind a while ago...

I met my love, near the Stormwind walls
Dreamed a dream, by the old canal
Kissed a man by the castle wall
Dirty old town, dirty old town.

Clouds are drifting across the moon
Rouges are skulking on the prowl
Still I roam, lost on the streets
Dirty old town, dirty old town

Ships they sing, from a distant dock
Saw the tram, rumble far below
While my heart longs for Teldrassil
In this dirty old town, dirty old town

I’m going to buy me a nice strong mace
Shining steel tempered in the fire
Chop my way, through shops and stone
Dirty old town, dirty old town
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